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Thunder Laser Nova35-80watt System Thunder Laser NOVA series carries all the best components like hybrid servo motors which allow for high speed partnered with dual air assist to ensure a quality cut and engrave. An extensive range of models are available from our desktop model of 600x400mm work area up to 1600x1000mm work area, you are sure to find a system to meet your requirements.

Thunder Laser Odin32-55watt System Thunder Laser ODIN series combines high quality with high speed engraving in a compact design. With 3G acceleration and 2000mm/sec engraving speed, the Odin series provide a super fast laser engraving solution for all industries. The RF tube allows optimal beam signature and is air cooled, the gantry payload is minimal and is extremely smooth. The Odin series provides a reliable and precise laser engraving system.

Thunder Laser Aurora Marking System Thunder Laser AURORA series is exclusively intended for marking metal and non-metal materials. The optical fiber laser engraving system is a fully enclosed compact unit ideal for marking serial numbers, logos, QR codes, dates and times etc at high speed of up to 8000mm/s with impeccable quality.

Pure Air Filtration Units Our Pure-Air extraction systems are suitable for the dust collection and purification of smoke and odours generated by laser cutting and engraving acrylic, PS board, plastic materials, paper, wood/MDF/Plywood and other materials.

Rotoboss Roller Rotaries The RotoBoss Roller Rotary series have three models in their range. The RotoBoss is the first of its kind, full spectrum rotary that has dual adjustable side for those odd objects that are otherwise hard to engrave without some ingenuity. Giving you endless options to engrave nearly any round object. The second is the RotoBoss Jr. it is a simplistic version that only has one adjustable option on the slave wheel side of the rotary and the RotoBoss Low Boy similar with a low profile rotary for smaller cabinet lasers.

About Thunder Laser Thunder Laser showcases a range of quality, affordable laser cutting and engraving systems from our Nova Series, Odin Series and our new fiber marking systems ~ the Aurora Series. Known for our commitment to offer clients reliable laser products and the most professional after-sales service, Thunder Laser’s business philosophy is “Making a difference for our customers.” Our most popular range of systems for CO2 glass tube lasers are the Nova Series. From our desktop model of a 600x400mm work area available in a 60watt system, right up to 1600x1000mm work area with a 130watt system each model is equipped with dual air assist, class 2 safety ratings and our hybrid high-speed servo motors allowing a maximum speed of 1000mm/s. Thunder Laser’s #1 choice for a premium engraving system is the Odin Series, consisting of two compact models of high-quality, high-performance, high-speed systems. The Odin Laser System features Japanese Oriental 5 phase stepper motor systems empowering the laser to move faster and more precise. The Aurora Series are an enclosed optical fiber laser engraving system exclusively intended for marking metal and non-metal materials. These highly integrated, compact systems are fast marking with an engraving speed of up to 8000mm/s while maintaining impeccable quality. Each system has a variety of field lenses available to allow a flexible work area of 110x110mm, 150x150mm and 200x200mm. Thunder Laser have a complete range of systems to suit your cutting and engraving requirements. Visit us at stand J26.

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