Who should visit PacPrint25?

PacPrint is a business-to-business trade event for the printing industry. If you work in the printing industry this is your one-stop-shop for the latest technology, demonstrations, innovations and education. For more information, refer to the visitor categories page.

Do I need to register in order to attend?

Yes, it is a condition of entry that all visitors register their attendance, either pre-show or on arrival to the show.
We recommend pre-registration if you want to avoid the queues. How to register online:

Step 1: Complete the online registration form on our website - Coming soon.

Step 2: Check your email to receive a confirmation email with a QR Code.

Step 3: Print and bring this email confirmation including your QR to PacPrint for faster entry.

How much does it cost?

PacPrint is a free to attend, trade only event.

Do I need to register for a particular day/s?

No, you can come whenever you want, as often as you like, just keep your badge with you when you leave. If you have lost or discarded your badge, visit the Registration attendants at the show entrance and they will provide you with a replacement.

Can you check my registration?

Yes. Please email exhibitions@visualconnections.org.au to check if your registration has successfully been submitted. If in doubt we suggest you simply register again.

Can you check my registration?

Yes. Please email to check if your registration has successfully been submitted. If in doubt we suggest you simply register again.

What if my badge is not correct?

If you notice your badge is incorrect when you arrive at the show a new badge can be printed for you. We regret we cannot make corrections before the show.

I’ve just registered myself, but now I would like to register my colleagues.

You simply need to go back onto the registration page and complete a registration for them. They will be sent separate confirmation email, provided their email address is different.

Are there parking facilities close by?

Click here to find out travel options.

Are there child-minding facilities available?

There are no child-minding facilities available. However, we do allow children to accompany parents. For trade visitors with children, please visit the registration desk at the entrance of the event to sign a disclaimer form before entering the exhibition to acquire an ‘Accompanied Guest’ pass for your child(ren). No children are permitted under the age of 14 unless accompanied by an adult.

Are there accommodations facilities close by?

We have a selection of hotels available near to the exhibition. Coming soon.

Are there child-minding facilities available?

PacPrint is a trade-only exhibition.

All visitors must register and wear our name badges, which must be visible at all times.

Once registered, you are able to enter the show as many times as you like over the duration of the event.

A person who is not an exhibitor and is observed conducting sales activities during the exhibition will be excluded from the event. Trade suppliers are not eligible to attend the event unless exhibiting or working with another exhibitor.

I have another question, who should I ask?

Please email your question to us at sales@visualconnections.org.au.

Contact PacPrint

Peter Harper, General Manager
0418 267 952