Address: 155 Logis Boulevard
Dandenong South, VIC, 3175
Telephone: 1300 132 644
Email: info.mail@spicers.com.au
Website: www.spicers.com.au
Stand No: G02

Brands we Sell

Epson, Mimaki, RollsRoller, 3M, General Formulations, Re-Board, Kavalan, Bauhaus, Pacesetter, Monza Recycled, Revive Laser, Splendorgel, Stephen

Product Profiles

Environs The Spicers Environs Sustainability pack includes leading industry brands, and our tested and approved substrates are sure to perform both technically and aesthetically during all processes. Our product portfolio includes a range of sustainable paper-based, polypropylene and non-PVC products.

Boundless Immersive Boundless Immersive is the new promotion that showcases the Spicers range of Fedrigoni papers through specialist printing techniques to elicit the full impact of its tangible nature. Boundless Immersive features: Stephen Freelife Splendorgel POPticks Black Sirio Translucent Sirio Metallics FSC® Mix Certified specialty stocks and available in Indigo and Dry Toner.

Spicers Wine & Gourmet Companion The Spicers Wine and Gourmet Companion is the perfect accompaniment for those in search for the best self-adhesive label stocks. Catered to the likes of printers, creatives and vintners, this Companion is designed to provide relevant information on the vast offering within the Spicers self-adhesive label portfolio from our commodity grade papers right through to the competitively priced premium collection. Within the Companion, we offer up a varied selection incorporating coated, uncoated, synthetic and metallic stocks as well as those pre-prepared for digital printing. Each label has been carefully designed with its own charming narrative, taking its owner on a journey through the array of print applications, techniques and embellishments that can be achieved. Also provided is a Design, Print and Application Guide, which breaks down these three key factors and the important role they play in delivering the best outcome for your label performance.

3M Automotive Films 3M Films help you express yourself - and protect your vehicle. Restyle your vehicle without the expense - or commitment of a new paint job. Spicers offer a range of 3M Automotive films to customise and protect your ride. 3M Wrap Film Series 2080 Choose from a large variety of. gloss, matt, metallic, satin, pearl and textured colours to design a vehicle wrap that stands out from the crowd.

The Complete Packaging Solution Explore our range of high quality coated and uncoated packaging boards to create a premium on-shelf presence. In a crowded retail world, being noticed has never been so important. Discover our comprehensive range of packaging products and consider your economic, storage, weight and environmental and production requirements. Our products are sourced from manufacturers and suppliers that are committed to smart and greener practices. Our range includes Recycled, FSC® Certified, PEFC™ Certified and Biodegradable packaging products.

About Spicers The ultimate pit stop for signage, print and packaging. More than 2 years in the making, PacPrint 2021/2022 is the first opportunity to showcase all the great brands in the Spicers range. It is an opportunity for customers to see the collaborative approach we value by bringing some of our key suppliers to meet our customers. Spicers will be launching Environs, the Spicers Sustainability Pack, and introducing new brands, products and hardware. Discover Sign & Display consumables, see live demos on a vehicle, labour saving flatbed applicator, new hardware, and talk to our product specialists. Explore the Green Spotlights, a range of sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions from our entire portfolio highlighting product features and benefits. Collect a range of samples from our commercial print, labelling, signage, visual display, dye sublimation and architectural range. Visit Spicers at PacPrint Stand G02 and discover a world of solutions.

Product Category Listings

  • Direct to Garment Printing
  • Graphic Art Film
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Sign Suppliers
  • Wide format Printers