Soltect Pty Ltd

Address: PO BOX 284
Kensington, NSW, 1465
Telephone: +61 416 180 660
Stand No: B86

Brands we Sell

Enfocus software, Enfocus PitStop, Enfocus Switch, Enfocus ConnectALL, Enfocus PDF-Review , Callas pdfToolbox, SwitchBOX, SwitchBOX Approval, Ultimate Imposition, Good2Go Software

Product Profiles

Enfocus PitStop: PDF preflight, correction and editing made easy. PitStop is the ultimate PDF pocket knife tool to edit and normalise PDF artwork.

Enfocus Switch: Is the ultimate automation workflow tool, modules base, flexible to build your own automation system. Switch will save time in your process and increase saving.

Callas pdfToolbox: a PDF pre-flighting and normalising software with custom built automation for PDFs using the latest HTML-5 technology to build Templates and much more...

Good2Go Software: A web portal with great printer experience, which specialises in simplifying a printer’s pre-press process for digital and large format printing.

Ultimate Imposition: Advance imposition and finishing automation to reduce waste and optimize production capacity.

About Soltect Pty Ltd Global shifts and technological transformation demand not only an investment in equipment and systems, but a new way of thinking that prioritises totally integrated, streamlined systems and embraces the benefits of digital innovation. Independent systems architects, Soltect, will help you take advantage of automation and two-way digital communications technologies to maximise efficiency, productivity and profitability. Soltect can help you:  Design a ‘big picture’ for your business success  Analyse your business to see where you are losing time and money o Bottlenecks o Disruptions o Disconnects o Miscommunication o Manual interventions  Identify opportunities for optimisation  Review software solutions including: o Enfocus Switch for workflow automation o PitStop PDF pre-flight software o ConnectALL advanced PDF Pre-flighting delivery tool o Callas PDF pre-flighting and template building solutions o Ultimate Impostrip imposition and finishing automation solution o SwitchBOX-Approval integrated web-based job approval system o Good2Go Software a web portal to simplified prepress interaction and customer experience.  Plan a new business architecture that o fills gaps o connects your entire workflow o optimises communications o maximise automation Stop losing valuable time and profits. Visit the Soltect team on stand B86 to find out how you can recoup lost potential and put the architecture in place for your business to survive – and thrive – into the future.

Product Category Listings

  • Automation
  • Colour Management
  • Software – Production
  • Workflow