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The Trident CNC Cutting Machine is an innovative hybrid CNC production system combining heavy-duty routing with fast knife cutting for processing the broadest range of materials in all print finishing, signmaking, foam and graphics applications. Processing a wide range of materials requires more than one cutting head. The Trident combines three different cutting technologies to provide maximum versatility by offering a choice of routing spindle and two knives which can be either tangential, oscillating, or a combination of both.

The SM1212 CNC Routing machine is a fully featured CNC routing and engraving machine with 3D capability designed for small to medium size work in a variety of materials. It offers advanced features and flexibility suited to manufacturers in many diverse industries. Available with a range of accessories. The SM1212 can be customised to your exact requirements. Options such as vacuum hold down bed, automatic tool changer, quick tool change spindle, metal cutting mist spraying attachment, tangential and drag knifes and more, greatly increase the capabilities of the M1212 and allows you to cater for wider range of tasks.

About Multicam Systems Multicam CNC Cutting machines are used by sign and display companies to manufacture cut out designs, POS displays, 3D panels and other components in all types of sign manufacture materials including MDF, timber, acrylic, composite panel, corflute, X-Board, Signfoam, aluminium and engraving materials. All Multicam machines include 3D capability and will integrate with all popular software packages such as Adobe Illustrator, FlexiSign, Enroute, CorelDraw! Available in a range of sizes, all machines can be supplied with options such as oscillating knife heads, creasing attachments, misting lubricators and camera recognition systems to make the production of signage and point-of-sale displays simple and economical. On display will be a range of machines sure to provide solutions for every manufacturer. They will be demonstrating the versatility of these small footprint, big-on-features, CNC routers that have become the trusted standard for sign and display companies requiring a machine that is both robust and user-friendly. Our larger, Trident triple head, machine that incorporates a heavy duty router, oscillating knife, tangential knife and camera recognition system will also be on display. This unique and powerful machine is designed to provide high-speed machining as well as print and cut solutions for display companies where versatility and high production speeds are essential. With over 30 years of service to the sign and display industry, Multicam CNC machines are serviced and supported by a team of factory trained technicians through our offices in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland ensuring rapid response to your enquiries.

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