Hilton Laminating

Stand E32

We are very excited to introduce the latest laminating technology at this year's PacPrint21 trade show. We have handpicked the models we feel best suit the Australian market. On our stand you will be first drawn to the revolutionary GMB laminating system. Measuring 5.2 metres, this fully automatic laminating system will be a show stopper! We will be showcasing the latest equipment from D&K Europe, including the Euopa FK and the Neptune demonstrating how diverse these laminators are in their applications. We will also have the smaller laminators including the Phoenix and our Super Starglazers on display.

Contact Details
Address: 78-82 Pacific Drive
Keysborough VIC 3173
Phone: 1800 819 970
Email: hilton@hiltonlaminating.com.au
Website: www.hiltonlaminating.com.au