printIQ to Showcase Latest Release at PacPrint

Monday, June 06, 2022

The Print IQ team at the recent SDUK exhibition.After two years of lockdown, printIQ reports that its team is excited to be back exhibiting…and are raring to go for PacPrint in June with its new release printIQ v44 taking centre stage on the company’s stand.

Following recent exhibitions at DScoop and FTA in the US, Sign and Digital in the UK and Canon’s event in Germany, it’s fair to say that for printIQ, tradeshows are well and truly back, and the team are in their happy place.

“Tradeshows give us that opportunity to get in front of people and show our wares.  Our R&D has stepped up over 
the last few years and we’re desperate to show everyone what we have been up to”, said Justin Webber, IQ’s Sales Manager, adding that the company’s latest release has already been a ‘game changer’ for many of its customers.

“The print landscape has changed; there are so many new challenges that were almost unheard of a few years ago including supply chain issues which have to be at the top of any business strategy,” Webber says. 

“The role of a good print management system is to observe, listen and understand these challenges. If we can then deliver a product that helps overcome these blocks – like the latest release printIQ v44 that we’ll be showcasing at PacPrint – then we are doing our job well.”

printIQ’s response has been to simplify how paper and materials are managed, improve line of sight for estimators and production staff, and to make it easier to maintain constantly changing prices. v44 also demonstrates a focus on building out the range of functions that can be carried out automatically or remotely. The result is a huge step forward in how an MIS can help drive business, says CEO Anthony Lew.

“The next challenge for our team has been automate more day-to-day functions, as whether it be due to COVID quarantines or just the general labour shortage, many businesses are finding that there’s simply not enough staff to get the job done,” Lew explains. 

“By moving more of the estimating and quoting functions into the hands of customers and account managers, and streamlining of the accounting functions and integrations with Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and other finance packages, we can reduce the load in key areas.”

With working from home looking like the ‘new normal’, Lew says these advances also give businesses the ability to meet expectations from their staff for a better work / life balance which, in future, will be a simple reality.

“Opening up your business to run from anywhere not only helps with this but is simply just good business,” he points out. 

“To embrace this change, we have further enhanced accessibility options, to open up your business applications to work from anywhere. Combine this with a true Cloud-based platform and the end result is a mobile workforce that doesn’t have to be in the office to be in control. 

“printIQ has been in the business of empowering printers for more than two decades, and visitors to PacPrint will clearly see that we’re not slowing down any time soon,” Webber says.

“We’ve come a long way since our inception, and it's all thanks to our passionate team who work tirelessly to create and implement innovative technology for print shops across the world – we are still passionate about developing products that empower printers to overcome any obstacle they may face…and we believe that the technology we’ll have on show at PacPrint can be a key part of that success.

“With v44, printIQ is taking strides forward in helping printers meet the challenges of today, head-on, and we are excited to bring this to visitors to PacPrint in Melbourne next month,” Lew says. “It’s been a long time coming, but it will be worth the wait!”

To see all printIQ v44 in action, visit the company on Stand D36 at PacPrint, which is co-locating with Visual Impact Expo and the Label & Packaging Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from 28 June to 1 July this year. Click here to register for the show, or go to for more information.