Innovative Solutions the Focus on Böttcher’s PacPrint Stand


Böttcher Systems will show off its full range of solutions on its stand at PacPrint 2021, with a display it says will support all ‘four pillars’ of its business - carton packaging, printing with hybrid UV and Light Emitting Diode inks (HUV-LED), flexible packaging and commercial print. The result is a showcase which will be a real drawcard for visitors not only to PacPrint, but to the co-located Label & Packaging Expo.

A focus of the show for Böttcher will be innovative solutions aimed at helping businesses reduce makeready times while also improving their sustainability record, says Managing Director, Mitch Mulligan (pictured left).

“Böttcher’s ECS ‘Easy Cleaning System’, for instance, was designed with this in mind,” he says. “These easy-to-clean inking rollers incorporate special polymers and additives in the rubber to reduce the adhesion of the ink to the roller surface, effectively improving ink transfer whilst also enhancing the washability of the roller train.

“This not only saves time, but means you can significantly reduce your wash consumption, typically by 30-50%. These ECS rollers are available for all drying technologies and in a range of durometers to accommodate printers’ and press manufacturers’ preferences.”

As well as the special roller coverings, the ECS system now also includes washes with enhanced cleaning power, including the Mistral ECS which will be launched at PacPrint.

“To make this product, we took our highest-quality conventional wash and made it even better,” Mulligan says. “New materials not only improve its ability to dissolve and remove ink from rollers and blankets, but increase the proportion of biological components in the wash, helping businesses reduce their environmental impact.

“With businesses in this region among the most eco-conscious in the world, we believe PacPrint is a fitting place to launch the best wash Böttcher has ever made!”

Tailor-made solutions for flexographic and rotogravure printing will also feature on the company’s PacPrint stand, with the proven CAMBIUM sleeve for plate mounting among them.

“Valued by independent printers and packaging groups for their geometric and mechanical stability and low weight, CAMBIUM sleeves are now available internationally through the Böttcher Group with our worldwide production and sales companies,” Mulligan advises.

“We’ll also be showing sleeves for plate assembly, including products from the BöttcherFlex product series which includes DLE elastomer sleeves and plates for direct laser engraving. DLE elastomer sleeves enable premium printing quality with the advantages of an endless seamless printing form.” 

Pictured above (from left): Bottcher's DLE Sleeve and Plate; PM Sleeve and Thin-Classic Sleeves

Böttcher’s flexible packaging range is complemented by its converting products, which include special products used on a wide variety of converting equipment to facilitate processing steps from varnishing to laminating, winding, slitting, die-cutting and embossing.

“These products have been developed in response to the specific requirements of each processing step, maximising quality while minimising wear and tear, to increase longevity and reduce downtime,” Mulligan says.

“And when it comes to gravure, we have Böttcher impression and inking rollers to help enhance production stability on both long and short print runs and ensure consistency when printing frequent repeat jobs. Featuring modern rubber and polyurethane coverings, these products meet the most stringent requirements for conventional and ESA package printing,” he explains.

“The BöttcherFlex portfolio is rounded off by the new washing and care products, including VELVET for use with water colours and SOLVENTO for solvent and UV inks. This gives print service providers a full range of efficient cleaning products available for daily use, and for special deep cleaning of anilox rollers, we offer the product CREME, as well as HISONIC High Pressure for use with high pressure cleaners and HISONIC UltraSonic for ultrasonic baths.”

Also on stand at the show will be BöttcherTop 4k and Rainbow blanket technology, along with the BöttcherTop range of coating plate for water-based and UV varnishes which Mulligan says are ideal for embellishment applications, particularly for commercial and carton packaging printers.

“As well as this diverse product showcase, we’ll of course have our team of Böttcher product experts on stand to advise on the right product selections for specific processes and applications and to answer any questions on products from the full Böttcher range,” Mulligan says.

PacPrint 2021, Visual Impact Melbourne and the Label & Packaging Expo will be held from 28 September to 1 October at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Click here to register for the show, go to for more information on the expo, or visit the Böttcher website for more information on their entire product range.